NEFilk -- The
                NorthEast Filk Convention

Conterpoint 2016

NEFilk 26: The Twenty-Sixth Northeast Filk Convention
July 1-3, 2016



Guests of Honor
Bill and Brenda Sutton

Callie Hills

Interfilk Guest
Kip McMurray


Conterpoint 2016 will be at the Radisson Hotel North Baltimore. See our Hotel Information and Directions page for hotel room rates and details and driving directions.

A day or two before the con, you may want to check the local weather forecasts from The Weather Channel.


Pre-registration is $50 until May 31, 2016. Registration at the door will be $60 for the weekend. Small children (up to age 6) in the keeping of their parents are admitted free of charge, and do not get copies of convention publications. Junior memberships for children aged 7-12 are $10 for the weekend. Single day rates will be available at the door. But of course, we want you to come for the whole weekend and experience all the fun and festivities we have planned!

Conterpoint is also offering a Premier Membership. In addition to a listing in the program book, Premier Memberships include a convention T-shirt (please let us know your size) and a package of other goodies (to be determined, but may include a bottle of water, buttons, bookmarks and shaker eggs). The Premier Membership costs $100 and will be offered up through May 31, 2016 (the standard pre-reg deadline). If you have already pre-registered for Conterpoint, you can upgrade for an additional $50 to the Premier Membership.

Supporting Memberships are available for $20. Supporting Members will get a copy of the convention songbook and program book.

In addition to the convention program book/songbook, all full adult members (including at-the-door), premiere members, and supporting members will get a copy of a CD produced by Harold Stein featuring tracks from Conterpoint's guests and next year's Contata guests.

Registration Form: PDF


Bill and Brenda Sutton: Heís an expert guitarist and mandolinist, beer connoisseur, and master of shtick. Sheís a Woman with Drums, a fine songwriter, and lover of tea. Together, they fight crime! Well OK, maybe not, but they do make fine music together, spanning the gamut from filk to Celtic to folk.

Callie Hills: Since it worked out so well last time, Conterpoint again raids the Pacific Northwest for a Toastmaster. Callie is one-half of filk duo Echoís Children and makes magic with woodwinds, most notably on bass flute.

Kip McMurray: Kip used to be a regular at cons in the Baltimore/Washington area and points north before following his heart to Oklahoma. In addition to making music, Kip is a long-time member and former executive vice president of the National Space Society.



Our programming will feature the usual array of concerts, workshops, one-shots and theme filks, plus the fabulous Interfilk auction.

The schedule will be posted shortly before the convention. In the meantime, watch the NEFilk LiveJournal community for details.



Conterpoint will again feature a combined program book and songbook. All attending and supporting members (with the exception of children under 6) will receive a copy, and contributors will receive a complimentary copy.

The songbook portion is being produced by Gary McGath. Songs can be originals or parodies. Parodies should credit the source tune and songwriter. Chords are preferred if available, whether as a lead sheet, a text file in Chordpro format, or similar presentations. Sheet music for original tunes is welcome if available, sound files should be provided if you would like a tune transcribed.

Submissions can be sent to conterpointbook atsymbol mcgath DOT com. The deadline for songbook submissions is May 16th.


Song Contest

Our song contest topic will be "The Final Frontier", in honor of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek. Entries must be new songs written since the end of last yearís Northeast Filk Conventions (i.e. after June 23rd, 2015). Songs set to original tunes and parodies of existing tunes are both acceptable.

All entries must be performed at the convention. If you cannot attend (or prefer not to perform) someone else may present your entry.

A copy of the lyrics should be provided for the use of our judges. Songs are judged on the quality of the lyrics and appropriateness to the topic, not on the quality of the performance.


Conterpoint will have a dealerís room. Contact the convention chair or hotel liaison (see below) for more information.



Running a convention takes all the help we can get. Anyone willing to work a shift at the registration table, con suite, etc. should contact the appropriate member of the committee (see below). Volunteers to help with the late-night hours in the con suite would be particularly welcomed. We also need people interested in helping with child care and childrenís programming.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Conspiracy donations to the con suite are enthusiastically welcomed. We will also be keeping a kosher table. Con suite staff will direct you where to place contributions. Of course, kosher food only should be placed on the table marked for that purpose -- if you're not sure, err on the side of caution and don't put it on the kosher table.


Our Sister Filk Conventions

The UK Filk Convention
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Organizations & Awards

Filk Hall of Fame
Pegasus Awards


Con Chair: Steve Brinich (sm_brinich atsimbol verizon DOT net
Hotel and GOH Liaison: Crystal Paul (malachite atsimbol verizon DOT net)
Pre-Registration and Treasurer: Steve Brinich (sm_brinich atsimbol verizon DOT net)
Publications: Gary Ehrlich (gorgeousgary atsimbol verizon DOT net)
Publicity: Peter Ellis (mav.weirdo atsimbol gmail DOT net)
Programming: Sheryl Ehrlich (the_sheryl atsimbol verizon DOT net)
Con Suite: Catherine Birzer (cbirzer atsimbol verizon DOT net)
Sound/Recording: Scott Dorsey (kludge atsimbol panix DOT com)

Please see the NEFilk LiveJournal community, NEFilk, for the latest updates and discussion and to post any questions you may have.


Updated April 14, 2016