NEFilk -- The NorthEast
              Filk Convention

Conterpoint 2013

NEFilk 23: The Twenty-Third NorthEast Filk Convention
June 21-23, 2013



Guests of Honor
Stone Dragons

Andrew Ross

Interfilk Guest
Lissa Allcock

Listener Guests
Jonathan and Debbie Baker

 The convention schedule has now been posted, in PDF document and Guidebook mobile form.
Thanks to Gary McGath for arranging the latter.


Conterpoint 2013 will be at the Hilton Washington DC North/Gaithersburg. See our Hotel Information and Directions page for hotel room rates and details, driving directions, and access from local airports or Amtrak.

A day or two before the con, you may want to check the local weather forecasts from The Weather Channel or The Washington Post.

June 10 UPDATE: The Conterpoint hotel has had cancellations that freed up some rooms (including some double-bed rooms). We recommend acting ASAP.

If you can't get into the con hotel, there are several alternatives nearby:

Marriott TownePlace Suites Gaithersburg (4/10 mile away):

Gaithersburg Holiday Inn (6/10 mile away):

Wyndham Garden Hotel Gaithersburg (8/10 mile away):

The links are to each hotel’s official website.  Better room rates are very likely available through the travel search tool of your choice.

Whichever hotel you chose, we strongly recommend that you book it NOW.   Several other nearby hotels are already sold out for that weekend.  If you do find all of these are full up, contact our hotel liaison Crystal Paul at
malachite atsimbol verizon DOT net and we'll try to find another option for you.



Pre-registration is $50 until May 28, 2013 (the end of Balticon). Registration at the door will be $60 for the weekend. Small children (up to age 6) in the keeping of their parents are admitted free of charge, and do not get copies of convention publications. Junior memberships for children aged 7-12 are $10 for the weekend. Single day rates will be available at the door. But of course, we want you to come for the whole weekend and experience all the fun and festivities we have planned!

Conterpoint is also offering a Premier Membership. In addition to a listing in the program book, Premier Memberships include a copy of the Conterpoint 1993 CD that Harold Stein will be releasing at the con, a convention T-shirt (please let us know your size) and a package of other goodies (to be determined, but may include a bottle of water, buttons, bookmarks and shaker eggs). The Premier Membership costs $100 and will be offered up through May 28th, 2013 (the standard pre-reg deadline). If you have already pre-registered for Conterpoint, you can upgrade for an additional $50 to the Premier Membership.

Supporting Memberships are available for $20. Supporting Members will get a copy of the convention songbook and program book.

In addition to the convention program book/songbook, all full adult members (including at-the-door), premiere members, and supporting members will get a copy of a CD produced by Harold Stein featuring tracks from Conterpoint's guests and next year's Contata guests.

Registration Form: PDF PNG


Stone Dragons (Tom and Sue Jeffers): Tom and Sue Jeffers began making music together about six years ago. He is an award-winning musician, and she is his talented inspiration. They delight in bringing an eclectic mix of delicious tunes to their audiences. You can expect the Stone Dragons to be enthusiastic, friendly and always entertaining.

Andrew Ross: Andrew is a long-time member of the Northwest filk community who carries on in the fine tradition of filking lawyers such as Murray Porath and our own Harold Feld. Andrew is a fine performer and songwriter with a reputation for wicked parodies such as “Crispy Danish”, “Dendarii's Privateers” and “Iron Chef Greek”. He was the Interfilk Guest at GAFilk’s and Toastmaster for Conflikt in 2010. Andrew runs the filk track for Orycon.

Jonathan and Debbie Baker: Jonathan and Debbie have been extensively involved with the NEFilk convention. Debbie has run the kosher con suite for every Contata except for Contata ‘05, when she took a break from con suite to chair the convention. She also ran kosher con suites for Conterpoint ‘04 and Second Concerto. Jonathan was Publications for Contata ‘05 and Treasurer for Contata ‘08. Outside of NEFilk, Debbie has also run the staff den for Lunacon.  In her spare time, Debbie writes fanfiction in the X-Files, Voyager, Smallville, and Highlander universes, among many others.

Lissa Allcock: Our Interfilk guest is drummer for the legendary British filk group Phoenix and one of the mainstays of the British filk community. She helped run two incarnations of the British Filkcon, create the filk relaxcon HarmUni, and has served the British Filk Fund in several roles. Lissa is also a well-known Oreo addict. She was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame in 2002,



Our programming schedule is just about finalized. In addition to our fabulous guests, the schedule features concerts from Phil Allcock, Larry Kirby, Cat & Barigato, Dave Weingart, Gary McGath and Abby Cinii. Our guests will host workshops on performing as a duo, parody writing, and crafting, and Tom will show off his vast collection of instruments. Plus theme filks, one-shots, the "Women in Space" song contest and the always-exciting Interfilk Auction.

And, on Sunday afternoon, you will not want to miss "Reaching for Space", a very special multimedia concert celebrating the manned space program and featuring women in space. The concert is presented by the FilKONtario Concom and friends.

The schedule has now been posted, in PDF document and Guidebook mobile form.

Further comments and news may be found on the NEFilk LiveJournal community.



Gary McGath will again be producing our songbook. Please send your submissions to Gary McGath, 42 Heather Court, Nashua NH 03062, or by e-mail to (songbook atsimbol mcgath dot com). The deadline for submissions is May 1st, 2013.


Song Contest

The song contest theme is “Women in Space”, in honor of the 50th anniversary of Valentina Tereshkova’s flight, the 30th anniversary of Sally Ride’s first flight, and in memory of the 10th anniversary of Columbia. Songs can be about spacefaring women both real and fictional, or any way else our enterprising songwriters (and yes, Uhura is on topic) can twist the theme. Entries that have been previously published in print or online must have appeared after July 1st, 2012. All entries must be performed at the convention. If you cannot attend (or prefer not to perform) someone else may present your entry.


Tales from the White Hart (Kathy and Leo Sands) will be selling filk and folk CDs. We have limited space available for other dealers. Contact the convention chair or hotel liaison (see below) for more information.



Running a convention takes all the help we can get. Anyone willing to work a shift at the registration table, con suite, etc. should contact the appropriate member of the committee (see below). Volunteers to help with the late-night hours in the con suite would be particularly welcomed. We also need people interested in helping with child care and children’s programming.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Conspiracy donations to the con suite are enthusiastically welcomed. We will also be keeping a kosher table. Con suite staff will direct you where to place contributions. Of course, kosher food only should be placed on the table marked for that purpose -- if you're not sure, err on the side of caution and don't put it on the kosher table.


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Organizations & Awards

Filk Hall of Fame
Pegasus Awards


Con Chair: Gary Ehrlich (gorgeousgary atsimbol verizon DOT net)
Registration and Treasurer: Steve Brinich (sm_brinich atsimbol verizon DOT net)
Hotel Liaison: Crystal Paul (malachite atsimbol verizon DOT net)
Programming: Sheryl Ehrlich (the_sheryl atsimbol verizon DOT net)
Con Suite: Catherine Birzer (cbirzer atsimbol verizon DOT net)
Sound/Recording: Scott Dorsey (kludge atsimbol panix DOT com)
Songbook: Gary McGath (songbook atsimbol mcgath DOT com)

Please see the NEFilk LiveJournal community, NEFilk, for the latest updates and discussion and to post any questions you may have.


Updated  16 June 2013